Mint and Radish Harvest Salad!

For our final class of the unit we discussed the importance of eating lots of different colors! We harvested some things from the garden to mix into a mint a radish salad. A little orange juice and dash of sugar balances out the radish for a delicious flavor. Even the kids that didn’t like the pesto enjoyed the colorful radish salad. We used our salad plates as canvasses for rainbow colored vegetable stamps.

A couple of weeks ago a local farmer came to Lexington to do a presentation about healthy eating for local parents. He stopped by the garden and gave me some advice, including maximizing the back wall space. He offered to donate some passionfruit trees to climb along the back wall in the garden. I loved the idea and met up with him at a local farmer’s market to pick up the trees. At the end of class this week our intern Rachel and I worked together to plant two new trees in the back of the garden. Looking forward to seeing what come of them and thanks again farmer Rick!

Enjoy a healthy long winter break all! Looking forward to see the new growth that comes in the gardens.

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Claire Heddles

Claire is a researcher and sociologist who grew up in Tucson, AZ. She loves being outside and sharing the joy of growing with the kids at Utah Street School.