Bee a friend, Lexington!

This week at Lexington we learned about one animal that plays a very important role in new seeds being formed: a bee! A bee travels from plant to plant collecting nectar for their hive. As they do this they gather pollen on their bodies that travels to the next plant they land on. This pollen falls onto the new plant allowing that plant to pollinate and make a new seed! Many of the fruits, vegetables and nuts we love would not exist without bees!

To understand bees a little better, we played a game where the kids pretended to be bees. Three kids got bee hats and ice trays to signify they were queen bees and controlled the hive. One kid got a flower hat and cup of “nectar.” All the other kids got straws and had to buzz around the garden looking for hidden cups of “nectar,” getting a little bit into the straw and bringing it back to a hive. After some time collecting nectar, we came back together to honor the bee by eating broccoli. We discussed the bee game focusing on how bees travel far and wide from flower to flower, carrying pollen on their bodies to collect nectar.

To the bees,

-Ranger Claire

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Claire Heddles

Claire is a researcher and sociologist who grew up in Tucson, AZ. She loves being outside and sharing the joy of growing with the kids at Utah Street School.