A travelin’ seed

After learning about germination last week, we delved deeper into the world of seeds by exploring how they travel. We started by looking for things that we didn’t plant that were growing on our garden paths- patches of grass, weeds, stray nasturtiums. How did grass start growing where we didn’t plant any grass? Directly next to our garden is a grassy soccer field, so the kids deduced that the grass seeds from the field blew into our garden. I went on to ask the kids how else might seeds travel to travel to fertile soil. I talked with them about animals that move seeds, how gravity pulls seeds to the ground, and the way some seeds can float along in water. We went on a seed scavenger hunt throughout the garden. We found mostly nuts and berries and talked about the trees and vines these seeds had fallen from.

I gathered our found seeds and added some other vegetable seeds and we tried blowing them to see if they would blow in “wind.” We also saw which ones floated and sank in the water to determine whether they could travel down a stream of water.

After class I planted chard and onion sprouts in one of our back beds pictured below!

-Ranger Claire

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Claire Heddles

Claire is a researcher and sociologist who grew up in Tucson, AZ. She loves being outside and sharing the joy of growing with the kids at Utah Street School.