Leaves- Zoomed In


Today at Stevenson we dove deep into leaves and leaf anatomy.  Most students already knew that leaves give plants life- and us life too!

Leaves play a vital role in supporting plant life.  In general, where ever you see a green leaf you will find chlorophyll, a pigment which is key in turning sunshine and water into beautiful plants (photosynthesis). Leaves are often referred to as the “factory” of the plant.  They work hard to produce sugars that the plant needs to grow.  The sugar is transported throughout the plant to be consumed in the roots, stems, flowers, fruits and seeds.  (Ever wonder why an apple or maple syrup is so sweet?)IMG_2036

We took a close inspection into a variety of leaves. We found the veins that run along the spine that transport the sugar water through the plant.  They are similar to the veins in our arms that carry blood throughout the body!

We snacked on leaves too!  The curly kale continues to thrive as the spring air has cooled off.  IMG_2040

Jessica Brown