Learning about Seasons & Holiday Foods at Atwater Elementary

This was our last day of class before Thanksgiving, and food was obviously on my mind today!

Gardeners learned all about seasonal foods this lesson, including why our traditional holiday foods are so linked to the weather. Nowadays we can go into the grocery story any old day and buy watermelon, turnips, and corn, all at once. For centuries though, that wasn’t the case! We eat traditional Thanksgiving foods because of what was growing seasonally hundreds of years ago, including green beans, which are finally coming up in our garden!


We got to explore the garden and see what’s growing, including these green beans. In particular, our nasturtium plants are loving that front bed in the first photo.

After our garden tour, students got to take home rosemary and thyme that was growing in the garden, so they could add some fresh flavor to their Thanksgiving table.




Happy Thanksgiving, gardeners, and enjoy your delicious and seasonal holiday foods next week!

Until next time,

Ranger Natalie