Friendships grow at Kester Farms

A few weeks ago our plant manager brought Jamaica (Hibiscus) Seeds for us to plant in the garden. We have finally been able to see the seedlings sprout and I am so excited to one day make Jamaica with the students!

You can see one growing in the foreground and a couple more in the background and all together we have about 5 🙂


Having the plant manager supporting the garden at Kester is a reminder how it truely takes a village and how fortunate we are at Kester Farms to have built such meaningful friendships with the faculty and staff!

We also have an end of an era with this giant chard at Kester, it has been growing for almost two years now and including the flowering top stands at about 3 ft. tall!


As much as we loved the ol’ chard and enjoyed its salty tasting leaves, it is making room for the Jamaica! Next years students will plant more chard and we will see if we can grow another healthy big Chard!