Food and Health

‘Tis the season.. for getting sick. With the change in weather its not only important to take care of our changing gardens but to take care of our bodies! Students at Kester learned how the foods we eat help our body. The ingredients and benefits are as follows:

Radish – Good for clearing sinuses and easing a sore throat.

Cucumber – As a superfood its good for sooo sooo many things but the great part is it is 95% water and therefore absorbed into the body faster. It  helps cool the body inside and out and since its packed with fiber it helps move toxins out of the body.

Cilantro – Full of antioxidants and a powerful cleaner, it pulls toxic heavy metals from our body.

Lime- This master healer is packed with vitamin C! It has anti-viral properties that halt colds and its juice is good for easing sore throats.


Want to really make sure your ready for cold and flu season add all these ingredients chopped over dark leafy greens like kale, spinach and chard and you can become immune too!

I had to share this boys love of gardening today, After coming every week to do extra garden work in the garden he came and told me, “I love working in the garden cause when I look out to the plants and soil, its like I am looking at a whole ‘nother world!”


Lost in another world.