Back to School Seed Study at Kester!

I am so happy to be teaching at Kester Elementary this year and back in my hood of the valley!  I love the idea of starting off the school year with a study on seeds because it relates so much to the beginning of the kids’ school year.  I explained to them how they are like tiny seeds right now, getting ready to be watered with new knowledge and learning experiences.  That by the end of the year they will be fully mature 5th graders ready to bloom and they will see the fruit of their labor.  But unfortunately their year will eventually come to an end and die (metaphorically, ha).  Thankfully, they will have new life, as a 6th grade seed and go through the whole cycle again!

After some garden exploration and reintroducing them to all the fruits, flowers and veggies growing in their garden, we got down to business.

The students were able to get messy and hands-on, picking, pulling, squishing, and scooping carrot, sunflower, blue corn and pumpkin seeds. At the end of class they presented their field study and observational notes to the rest of the class.  It was so impressive to see their artistic and detailed accounts.  Ending off the class with a handful of roasted sunflower seeds to snack on was the perfect reward!

Andrea Trujillo

Andrea (Drea) Trujillo fell in love with gardening 6 years ago, when a surprise tomato plant sprouted in her backyard and as it grew so did her passion for all things farming. She is a mom of three girls and loves the way growing food transforms the way kids eat and interact with nature.