Special needs garden at Marshall High School thanks to the help of Bain & Company volunteers!

We want to see every child grow! We want to see them express themselves and learn new concepts to help make the world a better place.  Enrich LA is all about growing. From growing tasty foods for eating, to expanding our curriculum and outreach to Los Angeles’ diverse communities. We are proud of the work we have accomplished for LAUSD schools, and we are looking forward to taking on new roles within our organization. Enrich LA is currently wishing to expand our gardening curriculum to better integrate special needs pedagogy. Statistically, more than a million children in California live with an ongoing health problem, whether it be – emotional, physical, or developmental. These impediments make it challenging for children with special needs to have the same experiences with education that their peers, without these disadvantages, possess. These experiences can consist of physical activities, time to interact with their peers beyond a traditional classroom environment, and learning LAUSD curriculum that requires one to make independent choices. Enrich LA would like to incorporate all students, regardless of special needs, into our school gardens and use a curriculum that best helps them understand the joys of gardening and inspires their love of nature and respect for our Earth.

We want to give special thanks to all the volunteers from Bain & Company who helped us build our special needs garden at Marshall High School. Despite the sweltering summer heat, these volunteers were enthusiastic and hard working! We look forward to building more special needs gardens and expanding our Garden Ranger Program!