Beet the Heat!

Getting students to try something new is not always easy. Especially veggies that have a bad rap like Beets. Most people eat beets cooked and mushy or in some sort of gelatin form out of the can. Zucchini is also often thought as a veggie that has to be eaten cooked. But on a hot day no one wants warm heavy food, we want to keep things light and fresh. To break the mold of an ordinary cooked beet or zucchini, the students prepared a raw refreshing snack. They¬†sliced the beets and zucchini then added fresh squeezed lime, a simple snack most people haven’t tried. But it was a hit!! the students kept asking for more and more servings. Some students took the recipe home because they were so excited to share it with their family.


Michelle Moore

Michelle Moore has been a Garden Ranger since the start of the 2014 school year. She is passionate about community development and sustainability. Michelle studied Recreation and Tourism Management at CSUN and got her start in the garden world at M.E.N.D., a poverty relief nonprofit. There she installed gardens at low income families homes and helped families along through out the garden seasons. She enjoys teaching gardening to students because it reconnects this technology generation with mother nature. Everyone loves to eat, it is a universal common ground. By showing kids where their food comes from and how we are connected to our food we ultimately our reconnecting or minds and bodies, something many of us forget to do in our fast paced environment. When she is not out working on community building Michelle enjoys camping, rock climbing, training martial arts, watching movies and playing board games.