Kickstarter Campaign for John Adams Middle School Garden!

EnrichLA has just created a project on to raise money for the John Adams Middle School Garden build.  Here is a snippet of our project page, describing to visitors the importance of school gardens, and how the funds will be used if we are to receive them.


On October 8th, 2011 we are building an on-campus edible garden for the students at John Adams Middle School in South Central Los Angeles!  This garden will turn what was formerly an asphalt slab into a beautiful outdoor classroom, where students will learn nutrition, environmental awareness and science.  They will be able to learn about composting, water reclamation, life cycles, and the origin of the foods they eat, encouraging environmental stewardship and healthy, thoughtful eating habits.  In addition to the educational benefits of these gardens, they also enrich the aesthetic of the campus for children who are otherwise surrounded by concrete.  The garden experience provides a safe social setting for students to thrive; with gardens, the classroom is given local focus, tangible results, and involvement in inquiry-based education that can take place at each child’s own speed.

If you have not heard about Kickstarter it is a website where people can post a “project” and try to raise awareness and funds for these projects.  Projects range from printing books, recording albums, cross-country thrift store tours and more.  We have set a goal of $2000 to raise for our new garden at John Adams Middle School.

Here’s the catch:  if you dont reach your goal, you dont receive ANY funds.  Thats why we need everyone to help by donating what they can, and spreading the word about what we do.  You can help us make a difference at this South Central Los Angeles school!  The project can be viewed here:

Below is a video we made to promote our project!