EnrichLA Video- featuring music by Fierce Bad Rabbit

EnrichLA recently made a video (below) featuring photos and videos taken from our school gardens.

The band Fierce Bad Rabbit was kind enough to let us use a portion of their song “All I Have Is You” from the album Spools of Thread in our new video- and we are so grateful!  Fierce Bad Rabbit is a band based in Ft. Collins, Colorado; they tour frequently and have a dedicated fan base.  The song was exactly what we were looking for, and we are SO happy that they let us feature their music in our video!

About the band:

“…. the music this Ft. Collins, Colorado-based quartet makes is all their own, and the more you hear it the more it comes across as a brilliant amalgamation of many musical styles and structures. Alternately joyful and somber, forceful and laid back, playful and contemplative, their songs challenge you to decide whether you should stand and listen intently or grab the person next to you and dance the night away.”

You can learn more about the band and their upcoming tour dates at www.fiercebad.com or by visiting their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/fiercebadrabbitmusic