ENRICHLA REACHES GOAL- A Garden at John Adams Middle School!

We want to sincerely thank EVERYONE who helped us surpass our Kickstarter goal to raise $2000 for the new garden at John Adams Middle School!  We couldnt have done it without you!

When you told your friends, shared the link, RTd our tweets, or donated yourself, YOU helped us raise the funds that will now go DIRECTLY toward building this new garden.

I am not surprised at how generous our volunteers and friends have been; if you have ever been to an EnrichLA garden to see the volunteers working, or at a garden build day to see everyone coming together for a greater good, you would not be surprised either!  We encounter so many selfless, kind and generous people each day through the work that we do.

The work is never done, and if you would like to join us at the John Adams Middle School garden build day, or for other future events, visit our volunteer page HERE.


Photo courtesy of Celeste Holmes