Hummus Nasturtium Burritos | Juan Cabrillo

Mmmm what a great day to end a unit with Kinder and 1st graders. Together we made homemade hummus; every student got a chance to add something to the food processor and taste the result at the end…


    1 can chick peas (save liquid)
    1 clove garlic
    2 TBS olive oil
    a few leaves of kale, parsley, thyme (whatever is on hand)

Blitz everything together in a food processer until smooth (add a bit of liquid if needed). Serve with nasturtium leaves, crackers, salad, bread or raw veggies!


I completely give credit to my intern Mr. Frank for the idea of serving the hummus on nasturtium leaves! It was so delicious!


Until next year,
Ranger Hope