Tracking the Elements at Hollenbeck

This week at Hollembeck we are building new garden mounds to reorganize the plants and make it easier to get into the garden. All these new beds mean we need some new soil, which is a perfect introduction to our lesson on soil nutrients and compost. Since our new garden class is studying atoms and the periodic table, our discussion about the nitrogen and carbon cycle was a perfect fit! At the end of class, we had a relay where students had to remember the role of both elements before they could run to build their own compost piles. We then concluded with a quick orange and kale snack.

-ranger eleanor 

Racing to the compost pile

Stopping to enjoy a green tomato while cleaning up the old vines

Eleanor Goodrich

Eleanor is a garden ranger from Appalachian Virginia. After moving to Los Angeles from her sustainable family farm, eleanor loves sharing her love of food, nature, and dirt with the children of Los Angeles!