Peas and spinach at Hollenbeck Middle School

With the help of a few rainstorms, peas and spinach have begun sprouting out of the soil this week at Hollenbeck Middle School. Inspired by the recent changes in weather patterns, the students learned about the seasons and the weather. Seasons are influenced by long-term climatic conditions, whereas weather changes day to day. To help us understand which plants do well in the different seasons, we played a game where an appointed “weather man” would tell us the weather for the day, and the students who think that their plant would do well would stand up. We played many rounds before moving into the garden and exploring some of the fruits and vegetables there and determining if they were a summer or winter crop.

2015-01-29 09.58.01



Baby peas sprouting!
2015-01-29 09.58.22And some spectacular spinach too!