Chickens at Hollenbeck – Madness Ensues

As a special treat this week, Sal Castillo brought three of his six chickens to Hollenbeck Middle School. The chickens are of two varieties: Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red. Besides students erupting over the excitement of seeing chickens being carried into the garden during recess, three garden classes got to be up close and personal in the garden with them. Sal brought his stories of chickens, and shared with the students some of his knowledge of chickens. He tells us that his chickens lay on average an egg a day, and that being able to interact so closely with chickens brings on a new perspective especially when we think about the factory farming practices of today. The chickens seem to be insatiable,  eating worms, nasturtium, grub worms, and much more. The students love seeing the chickens forage, and some students are lucky enough to go home with eggs that were freshly laid this morning!

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