A final planting amd farewell to Ms Rosser’s Class at Hollenbeck Middle School

Ms Rosser’s classes have 40 students in every period so at first they were afraid they were just too big for the garden. But Enrich LA really prioritize s getting every stident putsode and learning, so we all put our heads together ans devised a way for half the students to come for one section and then switch for the second half so that everyone has time in the garden at Hollenbeck. The students have been overjoyed, ¬†and so have I! Today was our last day, and everyone planted their own seedlings that they will be able to watch over as they pass the garden going to classes from now on.

-ranger eleanor

Eleanor Goodrich

Eleanor is a garden ranger from Appalachian Virginia. After moving to Los Angeles from her sustainable family farm, eleanor loves sharing her love of food, nature, and dirt with the children of Los Angeles!