Worm Farming at Glenfeliz

This week at Glenfeliz, students learned about composting with worms!
We created our worm farm by adding red wiggler worms, vegetable scraps, water, and shredded newspaper to the worm bin. This type of composting is called vermicomposting.

worm board

worm farming

Check out our awesome worm bin! It will take a few months, but our worms will provide us with worm castings to add to our garden’s soil. Worm castings are a type of compost that helps make the soil healthy.

worm farm

Students had a lot of fun holding the worms.

ahh worms

Look how much our pea seedlings have grown!

peas all grown up

Garden Ranger Ashley setup a trellis for pea plants, and transplanted the plants into the garden.

pea trellis

We found some very hungry caterpillars! We counted a total of five on this milkweed plant.

more caterpillars

Happy gardening and healthy eating,
-Garden Ranger Ashley