Thriving Glenfeliz Farm!

Since its creation last October, the Glenfeliz Farm has been thriving! It’s hard to believe that a lot of this space was once asphalt, but it is now covered by beds that are home to a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. The Farm has been growing quickly and students are truly enjoying having this wonderful learning space.

As a way to get the garden ready for the sweltering heat that is fast approaching and to make it the most sustainble place possible, we have added bark to most of the garden beds in the Farm. There are many benefits that come with the addition of bark, with the most prevalent being the conservation of water. Given the drought that is affecting California, efficient and wise use of water is a must in our gardens. The addition of bark to garden beds helps decrease the amount of water that is lost to evaporation and also helps with the retention of water, since bark can soak up water and then slowly release back into the soil. Apart from its visual appeal, food harvested from beds with bark are also cleaner.


A variety of fruits and vegetables are currently growing at our Glenfeliz Farm, including some delicious kale pictured here.


The layer of bark added to bed will help the soil retain water.