Seed Bombs!


Last year when I was teaching a soil lesson, I dug up a bit of earth from my yard so the kids could analyze it’s composition. It was immediately clear that the soil was pretty much just clay, because the students were rolling it into all all sorts of shapes as soon as they got their hands on it.

This year I decided we should put some of that free clay to use and make some seed balls! The kids mixed 3 parts clay with 1 part potting soil, rolled it up into balls, and popped some wildflower seed mix into it. Once the seed balls, or seed bombs, are dry, the students will take them out into the world, in search of a spot that could use a little color.


Anne came to Los Angeles from southeast Ohio. She has always been passionate about healthy food and held a great admiration for the natural world. She loves sharing all the joy and wonder of an edible garden with children.