Rainbow salad at Glenfeliz

We have a great variety of delicious greens coming in at the Glenfeliz garden – Chinese Cabbage, Kale, Chard, MANY types of lettuces – so we put them all together and had a fresh garden snack. I brought in some colorful veggies to brighten up the greens and we talked about how to determine if we’re eating a healthy meal. The kids learned that processed foods don’t have all the wonderful nutrients that fresh veggies have, so when we eat something that is still identifiable as a plant, we’re making sure we get all the health benefits nature has to offer. We also talked about how sometimes different colors in our veggies signify different types of nutrients, so a colorful salad will have a better variety vitamins and minerals than just lettuce.

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Anne came to Los Angeles from southeast Ohio. She has always been passionate about healthy food and held a great admiration for the natural world. She loves sharing all the joy and wonder of an edible garden with children.