Identifying herbs

Spring came to Glenfeliz and the students learned about the different herbs growing in their school garden. First, I asked them what an herb is. Some students knew that it was a plant that we added to food. I told them that herbs are the leaves of certain plants and that we use them for their flavors and their scents. We examined the differences in the look, feel and scent of NINE different herbs growing in our garden! (Cilantro, mint, rosemary, lavender, oregano, thyme, curry, basil, fennel)

As an example of a use of an herb, I brewed some herbal tea from peppermint leaves and let the kids have a sample. Then, we each filled our own peet pot with soil and planted a clipping from an herb to take home. With an little water and sun, many of these clippings will take root and grow into a new plant. 20170309_09255620170309_084439


Anne came to Los Angeles from southeast Ohio. She has always been passionate about healthy food and held a great admiration for the natural world. She loves sharing all the joy and wonder of an edible garden with children.