Flowers and Bees

Glenfeliz students learned three important parts of a flower – the petal, stamen and pistil. They learned that the stamen makes pollen and the pistil makes seeds. We also talked about how bees are attracted to flowers with bright petals and fragrant nectar, and they help to transfer pollen from the stamen to the pistil. Using some tiny flowers from the bolted cabbage and some very fragrant orange flowers, we identified each part in the flower.

In the garden, the kids helped trim off some lavender flowers that had gone to seed. We shook the flowers and heard the rattle of the seeds. The kindergarten class harvested some little round carrots and radishes and sampled them. Yummy!




Anne came to Los Angeles from southeast Ohio. She has always been passionate about healthy food and held a great admiration for the natural world. She loves sharing all the joy and wonder of an edible garden with children.