Dissecting seeds at Glenfeliz

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Last week at Glenfeliz Blvd Elementary, we dissected some beans. We talked about how seeds come in all shapes and sizes, and each has a method of dispersing. We watched a pretty cool video of a seed pod exploding and flinging seeds all around.

For the main event, we learned about the three main parts of the seed – the embryo, the food and the seed coat. Each kid got a bean to dissect. I soaked some white beans in water over night, so it was a pretty simple task to tear off the seed coat and break the bean in half. The kids did a great job! Even the T-K class was able to identify all the parts.


Anne came to Los Angeles from southeast Ohio. She has always been passionate about healthy food and held a great admiration for the natural world. She loves sharing all the joy and wonder of an edible garden with children.