Apple Harvest Celebration at Glenfeliz

To celebrate the final class of our first group of students in garden at Glenfeliz, we harvested and tasted apples from our garden!
Students enjoyed the sweetness and tartness of the Granny Smith apples that we harvested.

We also enjoyed some food crafting and tasting by creating apple monster mouths for a healthy Halloween treat. First, students spread sunflower seed butter onto Gala apple slices.


Next, they added yogurt-covered raisins to the sunflower seed butter to create monster teeth.


Finally, we completed our monster mouths!


We loved eating the monster mouths that we made, and had fun getting our hands a little messy.


To conclude our celebration, we recited a poem about apples: “Apples juicy, apples round. On the tree or on the ground. Apples yellow, apples red. Apple pie and juice and bread. Apples crunchy, apples sweet. Apples are so good to eat!”

Happy gardening and healthy eating,
-Garden Ranger Ashley