Seed Starting at Glassell Park

Spring is almost in the air! We are getting a great start on preparations for the next season here at Glassell Park Elementary. We have amended the soil in some of our garden beds with compost and started many new seeds for a new semester of outdoor learning.

planting seeds, glassell

Our Glassell Park 5th graders started some peas and beans, and we can’t wait to watch them sprout and transplant them into our garden beds. I see a bean teepee project in our future.

Intern Jennifer, Glassell

Jennifer, our fabulous new Garden Intern, assisted our students with watering their seeds. Thank you, Jennifer!

seeds, glassell

There are rows and rows of potential, but now we must wait for our seeds to germinate.

onions in a row, glassell

Our younger garden class students at Glassell planted onions directly in the ground. They even scattered some wildflower seeds, like California poppies and Indian blanket flower in one of our garden’s beds. We’re so excited to watch these grow and beautify our garden classroom.

nasturtium, glassellUntil our seeds start growing, we have plenty of beauty to admire and taste in our garden. This nasturtium flower and it’s leaves are pretty and edible, and I’m proud to say that our Glassell students were super game to have a taste of this lovely (and a bit spicy!) plant.