Scavenger Hunt

In honor of bug week at Glassel Park Elementary, I thought I would take you on a quick tour of the all the insects in the garden! The above pictured insect is called a Walking Stick. They are super rare to find in a garden, partially because of their amazing camouflage. I was lucky to see this one strolling across our Alyssum bed!


You probably recognize this guy; yellow jackets are frequent pests in the summer. They are drawn to fresh water, so are often found in the garden. Be careful; these critters can sting (more than once)!


These creatures are known as leaf hoppers, because they hop quickly from leaf to leaf. They are a common garden pests and eat everything from parsley to grapes!



You have to look closely for this one! This stink bug is so well adapted to its’ environment, it nearly blends right into the snap dragon it is sitting on. Another fun fact; they are named stink bugs for a reason, because when they are crushed they smell strongly of cilantro.


Hope you learned something; and remember to always look closely in the garden (you never know who you might find)!

Michelle Alger-Mintie

Michelle Alger-Mintie is an urban farmer and garden educator. She grew up in Los Angeles County and studied Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz. For the past 5 years she has worked on farms, in food distribution, in greenhouses, with special needs students and as a non profit program coordinator; all the time striving to make LA healthier, greener, better. She also currently works as a private edible gardener and makes vegetables beds out of pallets in her free time. To engage her services, send an email to