Kindergarteners Become Authors

The kindergarten class at Glassel Park Elementary have written a book about the garden! It took us two weeks but the final product is as cute as can be. First, the students picked their favorite plant in the garden and did a leaf rubbing.

But what is a book without words? So then, the kids were given a garden madlib to fill out.

In the end we had a book about he garden written and illustrated by the very children who inhabit it!

Michelle Alger-Mintie

Michelle Alger-Mintie is an urban farmer and garden educator. She grew up in Los Angeles County and studied Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz. For the past 5 years she has worked on farms, in food distribution, in greenhouses, with special needs students and as a non profit program coordinator; all the time striving to make LA healthier, greener, better. She also currently works as a private edible gardener and makes vegetables beds out of pallets in her free time. To engage her services, send an email to