A highly successful build at Glassell Park Elementary

A week ago Tomas and I were standing in a pleasantly shady space at Glassell Park Elementary School. Despite being in the company of beautiful tall trees, a highly energized principle, and several friendly teachers we were incredibly nervous about the upcoming build. The space where the garden was going to go was not only huge and an odd shape, asphalt had been removed for the build and it all had to be filled up again with dirt. We were, in a word, intimidated.

Maybe it was the trees, maybe it was the positive spirit of the principle and the staff at the school, maybe it was the help of volunteers from FoxGives and Revolution Training Center from Church on the Way the day before the build, or the volunteers from the community and EnrichLA and elsewhere that came on Saturday to help with the build, or more likely all of the above, but by Saturday afternoon 6:30 Glassell Park had a new edible garden with raised edible garden beds, a native plant section, mulched walkways and a timed sprinkler system that was up and running!

The build at Glassell is not only evidence of how we are growing and becoming exponentially greater with each build, it shows how much can be done when a school and community is driven to doing great things!