Grape-in’ Around

I have grown and harvested grapes before, but never anything close to this! I could not believe how many grapes were growing at Glassel Park Elementary. I was there a week ago and the change in that short amount of time was immense. The first thing that happened when I entered into the garden is that I was hit with the over-powering sweet scent of perfectly ripe grapes. Naturally, I had to try one, and they were as sweet as they smelled! They were smaller and packed a lot more flavor (and tiny seeds) than your average grocery store grapes. In fact, they blew every grape I have ever eaten out of the water. If that isn’t an argument for growing your own, then I don’t know what is!

This grape vine (tree, really!) was overflowing with these amazing grapes that it took me nearly 2 hours to harvest them all. I had to fight off the ants, spiders and scales to make sure that the staff at Glassel Park Elementary got every last grape. In the end, I easily had over ten pounds of grapes to drop off at the office. They would be perfect to make juice of jelly out of, but honestly, they were so good on their own I am sure they disappeared in a second into people’s mouths.