Glassell Park Elementary School

On Saturday, May 26, students from Glassell Park Elementary, along with Enrich L.A., came together to build a school garden. Through the sponsorship of $5,000.00, from the Glassell Park Neighborhood Council, Enrich L.A., founded by Tomas O’Grady and Glassell Park Elementary students were able to have garden beds, mulched walkways, and a timed sprinkler system. Over one hundred people gathered together to help commence the new garden. There also was an opening ceremony, which was conducted to welcome the new addition to the school and to thank Enrich L.A. for its valuable guidance. One of the many who attended was 13th District Council Member, Eric Garcetti, who helped open the garden. After the opening ceremony, students and volunteers, guided by Enrich L.A., worked till the evening to have their garden take form. All together, they were capable of planting native and edible plants in their newly built garden beds. Students were taught how to plant and maintain their new landscape. The new garden has become a valuable addition to the elementary school. Students will obtain the opportunity to learn about gardening, the species that reside in a garden, and healthy eating habits. The new garden is, both, educational and beneficial. What was once a vacant lot has now beautifully transformed into a place of education and natural growth. The students of Glassell Park Elementary will surely be pleased to see how their hard work has helped create such a wondrous place in their school. Not only will the students be benefited, but also, hopefully they will bring this healthy education to their homes and practice healthy eating with their families. With the installation of one small garden, a big difference can occur. Glassell Park is located at 2211 W. Avenue 30, Los Angeles, 90065.