Garden Air Fresheners

Does your car smell stale? Could your sock drawer use a little freshening up? Got a funky scent in your laundry basket? Never fear, the kindergarteners of Glassel Park Elementary are here! This little project took us two weeks to complete, but boy, was it worth it. First, the students picked which “smells” they wanted in their air fresheners. They were able to choose from lavender, thyme, rosemary, lemon balm, mint and basil; all harvested from our very own garden. Then, the students made little cards to help identify who picked which scent. With the help of my high-tech dehydrator (aka my car on a hot day), I dried out the little nosegays and brought them back the next week. Students were returned their cards and collection of aromatics and given a piece of an old bed sheet. With a helping hand, they crushed up their plants and tied them into a little bundle to make a perfect satchel for their local potpourri. Students were very excited to give their parents their creations and many of them declared they were going to put them in “their” car. While I do not know about kindergarteners driving cars, I am happy their lives will smell just a little bit better.