Friends and Foes at Glassell Park

We talked all about bugs with Glassell Park Elementary students! We learned that some bugs are friends and others are foes in the garden. Students creatively drew pictures of different bugs, presented them to the group, and we discussed which ones were friends and which were not.


We’ve got some really talented artists at Glassell Park Elementary who can now identify bugs and talk about what their roles are in the garden!


We even got the chance to release ladybugs into the garden to protect our plants from foes that may want to munch on what we’re growing. We had a great time carrying the ladybugs to their new home in our garden!

ladybug release

As the weather here cools down,┬átomato season draws to a close. We’re thankful for our delicious, final┬átomato harvest of the season!

Tomato Harvest