Building a Bean Teepee at Glassell Park

Remember those bean seeds that we planted? Well, now they’re seedlings and ready to be transplanted into the garden! We constructed a bean teepee, and the students at Glassell Park planted their seedlings at the base of the teepee.

IMG_20150204_132945Here are our bean seedlings, ready to go into the ground.

bean teepeeNow our bean plants will have support as they grow super tall. Plus, it will look really fun once they’re fully grown. Beans are also really great to grow in our garden because they put nitrogen into the soil — a healthy source of protein AND a natural soil booster!

onionsThe onions that the students planted are looking great! Everyone was so excited to see their onions growing, and they tried to remember which one they planted in the soil 🙂

kohlrabiWhat’s this crazy looking vegetable, you ask? Kohlrabi! It may look like the alien of the brassica family (broccoli, kale, cauliflower, etc.), but it’s really tasty and very happy in our garden.


Glassell students checking out the kohlrabi, amazed by its fun shape.

chivesDon’t you just love our purple onion chive flowers? Beautiful AND edible.