All About Seeds at Glassell Park

Students at Glassell Park Elementary learned about the different parts of a teeny, tiny seed. We also talked about the conditions that seeds need in order to wake them from their slumber and begin growing into plants.


We flipped through something called a seed catalog, a publication that lists all the different kinds of fruit, vegetable, herb, and flower seeds that farmers and gardeners can purchase and grow on their land. 





We explored seed packets, small envelopes containing seeds, and tried to guess what kinds of seeds might be in the packets based on the pictures illustrated on the outside. 

We discussed that sometimes we eat seeds, and then we tasted some yummy sunflower seed butter! While some students liked the taste and others did not, we are so proud of students for trying new things.


Students crafted biodegradable newspaper pots, and they added soil and seeds all on their own!