Working hard like farmers!

This week at Gardner was fun! We really got our hands dirty. We cut back our mustard cover crops and tended them back into the soil and as mulch on the soil. We planted cucumbers and peppers afterwards. We harvested seeds from arugula, nasturtium, calendula, radish, and next week, cilantro! Lastly we installed a hugelkulture! Can’t wait to plant on it!

For the past 4 weeks we have been taking care of and learning about chickens. This was our last week with them, since they are now living at the Rural Center at El Sereno Middle School. The kids have been amazing and the chickens are very happy 🙂

Lifting a log for the hugel


Alexys Thomas

Alexys Thomas is a garden ranger and program director. She grew up in Van Nuys, CA. She loves bees, compost, and teaching. She can teach almost anything to grow on a trellis!