Tomatoes touch the trees!

The tomatoes at Gardner are ready to climb into our crate myrtle tree! We have 8 different kinds of tomatoes growing now and we harvested buckets of heirloom varieties and grape varieties. We worked with wonderful parent volunteers Rebecca and Caroline today, who are both regulars in our garden. We amended soil, planted marigolds and cleome. Aaaaaand my favorite part of today: building 2 compost tumblers! We have so many green clippings a week and its so great to have a quick composting tumbler to be able to keep our soil rotation wonderful. Next visit:worms are coming!!!

IMG_20160726_130557399 IMG_20160726_131130900

Alexys Thomas

Alexys Thomas is a garden ranger and program director. She grew up in Van Nuys, CA. She loves bees, compost, and teaching. She can teach almost anything to grow on a trellis!