Seeding is Believing

I had a blast subbing at Gardener Street Elementary this past week. We started off our day with a quick mini-lesson about the migration of the Monarch Butterfly. We learned how the butterfly uses its’ different appendages to find food on their long journey across North America. We talked about the importance of the Monarchs’ host plant “Milkweed” and how we, as good stewards of the Earth, can help the make habitats for the traveling butterfly.

IMG_0974 IMG_0975

Then the students made seed balls! Seed balls are wads of clay with soil, flowers seeds (for the Monarchs to eat) and Milkweed seeds (for the butterflies to lay their eggs on). When you break and water the seed balls you have your own little butterfly garden!

IMG_0973IMG_0977 IMG_0979IMG_0981

We ended the day with a slice of avocado to celebrate the Monarchs’ return to Mexico!