Poetry at Gardner

This week, we read a lovely book by Joyce Sidman called “Butterfly Eyes and other secrets of the garden”. We read poetry about nature and things in the garden. The upper grades had quiet time in the garden, listening to birds and bees humm, and observing the spring changes, searching for inspiration. They later wrote their own poems about the garden. The poems were BEAUTIFUL! And funny 🙂


The lower grades listened to poetry, and drew pictures to express what they heard, felt, and imagined during the poems.


With all of the lovely pollinator friends around, it was great to have a quiet and serene garden class. The kids left in peace.



Alexys Thomas

Alexys Thomas is a garden ranger and program director. She grew up in Van Nuys, CA. She loves bees, compost, and teaching. She can teach almost anything to grow on a trellis!