Amending Soil

Last week we learned about soil amendment. We talked compost and manure, and that the BEST thing for you soil is composted manure! Mixing organic manures into your compost, and letting the heat kill off bad bacteria and add to the NPK is best for your soil. We added different amendments to our soil and the kids all got a bit dirty mixing, spreading and adding. We also planted our fall plants-broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, and a ton of marigolds and mums for companion planting(a natural way to prevent pests).

IMG_20161004_080444790_HDR IMG_20161004_091343096 IMG_20161005_105435286

"this squash leaf is bigger than my hand!"

“this squash leaf is bigger than my hand!”

Alexys Thomas

Alexys Thomas is a garden ranger and program director. She grew up in Van Nuys, CA. She loves bees, compost, and teaching. She can teach almost anything to grow on a trellis!