Garden Pizza Party

T’was our very last day of the year at Toluca Lake Elementary.  As the 5th graders graduated in the auditorium, across the playground I celebrated with my kinder and 1st graders in the garden! As a special farewell treat Andrea brought fixings for some fabulous garden pizza!


We were able to break down the ingredients in pizza and find most of the plants in the garden!  Our olive tree has begun producing lovely little olives- made for olive oil. The oregano is doing as well as ever. The last of the garlic has been harvested and hung. We chopped some up and challenged the kids to add some raw pieces to the pizza- and they did! We made it just in time to harvest basil and tomatoes! Perhaps when we get approved for a cow we can get some fresh mozzarella cheese 😉

The students were able to pick their own basil and oregano to top their flat bread.  It was a tasty treat indeed!

I even heard one student say :”This is WAY better than Little Cesar’s!” 


Jessica Brown