Fruits, veggies and so much more…

Today’s garden class at Toluca Lake Elementary was once again confined to the classrooms as the storm of the year raged on outside.  Never the less, we had a comprehensive lesson on plant properties.

IMG_1684Today’s topic:  What do plants give us?

First, we thought of the obvious answers: Food, clean air, shelter, healthy bodies.    But beyond these, many plants have medicinal properties.  In fact many pharmaceuticals drugs are derived from plants!   Plants also give us therapeutic aromas, which helps calm and collect the mind.

Mint is an example of these wonderful medicinal plants.  Mint tea has been known to cure mild headaches and stomach ailments, the aroma has a calming effect on the mind and it’s creams are a wonderful muscle relaxer.   After learning all these benefits the students were certainly stoked to take their bits of mint home.  IMG_1685


We also had time to snack on some kohl rabi and cabbage from the garden!  All in all, not a bad rainy day.

Jessica Brown