A new edible garden for Franklin Avenue Elementary

Franklin Avenue Elementary School in Los Feliz will begin the process of installing a new edible garden and orchard.

“We are delighted to have Tomas and EnrichLa help us with this.  It’s time.”  Tina Vukovic (Green Team at Franklin).

We need your help. Take 10 seconds and click here to send a sentence of support to the Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council to ask them to fund up to $4,000 for this garden.

The garden is to be located on the north end of the campus after the removal of two old temporary buildings.

The new garden at West Vernon Elementary school.

“Franklin avenue elementary school is one of the success stories of LAUSD.  The API this year is hovering close to 900.  I have known the Principal Mrs. Sasso and the teaching staff there for a number of years and you will be hard pressed to find a more professional bunch of people.” Tomas O’Grady

“We are going to approach this step by step.  Start raising money, work with the district to get permission and create space, remove the asphalt, test the soil and then we will plant” Tomas O’Grady

“Let me be completely honest here.  This school has a special place in my heart. I fully intend this to be the best, most sophisticated school garden in Los Angeles.  This is one of the top schools in California and so it should have a stunning garden.”