Three Stages of Composting at Foster

With one composting lesson under my belt this week at Ramona, I searched out a slightly different approach for Foster Elementary. I teach younger students here and was afraid the concept would go over their heads.
Diary of a Worm
After reading Diary of a Worm, I divided the class into three groups. To each I gave a jar, representing each stage of decomposition — beginning, middle and end. The students really enjoyed being able to observe what was in each jar. Some even found critters crawling around!
With the oldest grades we went on a compost scavenger hunt to find greens and browns and the infamous FBIs — Fungus, Bacteria & Invertebrates. We found snails, worms and beetles.
With the youngest grades (1st & K) we watched a Peppa Pig episode where Peppa and George learn about composting. They collected vegetable scraps for Grandpa’s “compost heap”! Then afterward, the students checked out their own compost bin!

~ Ranger Hope

Hope Cox

Hope is an urban farmer, garden educator and foodie transplanted from Tennessee to SoCal in 2014. She hopes to move out of the big city one day to pursue the life of a sustainable farmer; but in the meantime loves to teach elementary kids about how food is grown, nutritious and tasty recipes and connecting with nature.