Snails Under Observation at Foster!

I subbed for Hope at Foster Elementary this Wednesday and I thought I would bring in something fun, interesting and a bit slimy, that the kids could observe…snails!

Although snails are not a gardener’s friend, I discovered they are still very interesting creatures. I read the kids some facts about snails before we brought them out to observe. First we learned that there are land snails, sea snails and freshwater snails and they all belong to the gastropod molluscs family.  We also learned snails can have lungs or gills depending on the species and their habitat. I brought out a snail and together we observed the snail’s shell and body.  I showed the kids where the snails eyes were located and the feelers which help the snail find food. The kids asked a bunch of great questions like “How many hearts does a snail have?” and “Do they have teeth?”.  Later, I let the kids take a closer look at a few snails with magnifying glasses.  They were very careful and respectful to the snails while they examined them and wrote down their observations.

Some of the kids drew pictures labeling the parts of the snail.


One of the kids found a baby snail! It was so tiny!


That prompted a fun fact about the largest land snail ever discovered…It weighed 2lbs and was 15inches long!  The kids all gasped when I showed them the picture (below)!
biggest snail

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