Getting to Work at Foster

Every week for the last two months, Foster Elementary students have been helping me spread wood chips onto the pathways of their garden. This project aims to beautify the space by preventing grass from growing in the pathways (and having to mow it), in the garden beds (and having to weed it); and cleans up the pathways to help us have better footing when walking throughout the garden.

This has been the most fun project for the kids. They are more than eager to get into groups and scoop the wood chips into the wheelbarrows or onto the pathways. I am amazed by the cooperation and participation of SO many students for this garden improvement. Only a couple more weeks until we are finished!

spreading the chips

spreading the chips

what a different a month makes!

what a difference a month makes!


Hope Cox

Hope is an urban farmer, garden educator and foodie transplanted from Tennessee to SoCal in 2014. She hopes to move out of the big city one day to pursue the life of a sustainable farmer; but in the meantime loves to teach elementary kids about how food is grown, nutritious and tasty recipes and connecting with nature.