Final Class @ Foster!

What a lovely year, gardening and teaching at Foster Elementary! To commemorate the last day of Garden Classes before summer, I wanted to share an experience for them to remember: making food together and serving one another.

Our recipe was a simple pasta salad: shell pasta, diced yellow pepper, diced cucumber, diced tomato, torn fresh garden greens and garden-grown basil and Italian dressing. Each student had a certain task – from chopping veggies, to harvesting and tearing up garden greens, to mixing, to serving up the plates, to picking up trash and even washing dishes! I was SO proud of everyone’s participation and enthusiasm – what a joy to see the kids (and teachers!!!) ENJOY the garden. How my heart welled to receive Thank You letters and hugs today! I will surely miss the students over the summer and look forward to returning next year!



A happy summer to you all!