Food Preservation and Flower Presses at Toluca Lake

IMG_1888My students today at Toluca Lake Elementary school learned about food preservation.  We talked about what really happens when we accidentally leave an apple on the counter top for too long and it rots.  What is “rot”?   If we zoom in, we can see that rot is really micro-bacteria eating our food- turning into the brown, mushy mess we find.

Bacteria are everywhere.  They’re in our stomach, in the soil, in our hair, in the food we eat, in the air.   Some bacteria help us and some harm us and some eat our food!   We need to preserve and control bacterial access to our food so we can eat it before the bacteria does!   Humans have developed a few methods of food preservation over the past 10,000 years.   Drying, fermenting, canning, salting, pickling, and more recently- refrigerator and freezer storage.

We demonstrated this by playing a version of red light/green light with bacteria.  We also made flower presses!  The plants laid between 2 pages pieces of newspaper and cardboard will dehydrate and be ready to use in an art project in a few weeks.

Jessica Brown