Food Jobs Part 1

As part of a 3 week series of lesson, the students at John Marshall High School did research and presentation about different jpbs related to food to teach to their classmates.

Today was the first day of the series, I went over 10 unusual jobs in the food industry I was sure they didn’t know about as examples. These included, chocolate explorer, culinary trendologist, forager, celebrity chef assistant, flavor guru, recipe tester and developer, restaurant┬ápublicist, goirmet food buyer, brewmaster, and bee keeper.

Today each student was assigned a different job in the food industry and began doing research to present the next week. They needed to find out, what the job did, what the education requirements were for the job, if any training or certifications were needed, and how much the job paid.

I did a short lesson about dried fruit and provided dried cherries as a snack to show them a sweet natural alternative to candy.

I look forward to hear what they have to say next week!

Shelby Thibodeaux

I am from Houston, Texas and moved to L.A. in November. I graduated from Texas Tech University with an Environmental and the Humanities degree. I love being outside and growing food, and really love teaching the kids all about the environment.